Advancing Health Care + Self-Care
Through Impactful Nurse Coaching

Impactful Nurse Coaching

Whether one-on-one or for your entire team, I bring my years as a registered nurse and my experience as a life and career coach together to help people live a more productive, fulfilled, balanced, healthy, and successful life.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Unlock what is innately inside you

I will support you in your journey to successfully harmonize body, mind and spirit and create success in every area of your life.

A personalized combination of Integrative Nurse coaching, energy healing, meditation, and nutrition and exercise counseling to help you develop a healthier lifestyle.

Employee Wellness

Workplace training built on the same integrated coaching model designed to improve the health and well-being of your employees and create a better work environment.

Intuitive Counseling

Individual coaching centered around your emotional intelligence that helps you identify your personal obstacles and form a plan to overcome them.

Inspirational Speaking

Small or large group talks that can teach you and your team to create a well-balanced bodies, minds, and spirits; personal balance that translates to a healthy work-life balance.

Integrative Nurse Coaching

When you work with a coach, you get a partner, a guide, someone who can help you be your personal and professional best.

When you work with an Integrative Nurse Coach, you get all that plus the skills, knowledge, and experience of a Registered Nurse. This combination brings together mind, body, emotion, spirit, and environment to help people and organizations get healthy, stay healthy, and thrive together.

Integrative Nurse Coaching is transformative for individuals and companies of all sizes, in all industries. But it’s especially valuable for health care institutions and nurses themselves, who are great at helping others, but often forget to help themselves.

Integrative Healthcare


Stress Management

Life/Work Balance and Satisfaction

Nutritional Guidance

Weight Release


Mindful Eating

Spiritual Purpose

Health Responsibility



Any nurse could learn a great deal from Denise, I would recommend her to both a seasoned nurse, graduate nurse, or truly anyone in need of balance and wellness in all areas of life."

Stephanie W.

Coaching Client

Denise’s ability to really listen, provide empathetic and direct feedback, pushed me on my path to achieving my goals. She’ll keep you accountable, and that’s what you need to move forward.


In 2017/2018 I experienced a serious medical health issue. It was very traumatic and I experienced some post trauma symptoms. It took a few months to get my medical condition under control. Even though I was much better, I still had this fear of having another bad episode. I was experiencing a lot of stress. That was the last thing my body needed at that time.

It was really nice to discuss my fears and concerns with Denise as I did not want to burden my family, as they had already been through the stress of my illness.

Denise really listened to my words and she gave me some really great coping skills that I still practice today. We also had positive discussions that helped me alleviate my fears and reduce my stress. She also gave me breathing exercises and meditation advice. In our discussions, she always made me feel happier and more positive about my future. I also met with her about some family issues that were affecting me. She helped me channel my needs towards a different direction to fulfill that empty spot; it was very helpful to me.

I would recommend a Denise anyone that needs assistance/coping skills in any situation.

Michelle RN

Thank you for advocating for nurses in our clinical practice and self care activities.
What an incredible leap of faith the Nursing Leadership has taken at Beaumont Health to be forward visionary thinkers for the nursing profession.
This model of care could only serve to enhance our Patient & Family Centered Care Model.
I am very grateful for this wonderful health and wellness opportunity in professional development and take away with me tangible tools to implement in my day to day interactions with patients, colleagues and families.

Denise Ervin was an effective facilitator and was successful in presenting the concept of health coaching and how each of us may integrate it into our own unique practice settings.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching - Free Consultation Session

You are an expert in your desires and what matters most to you. My job is to listen, understand your goals and work with you to create a plan that moves you forward in achieving your personal health vision.

To see if we’re a fit, I conduct a free, 30-minute discovery and expectation session. This easy-going conversation allows us to get a feel for each other’s working styles, set reasonable expectations and determine a plan to get started.

If you decide to work with me, you can expect to be heard, empowered and supported. You can expect to follow a plan that incorporates mindful practices that you are comfortable with following, while maintaining accountability. Through collaboration, you can expect to achieve the life that you desire.

together on your journey

At Infinite Well Beings, learn to unlock what is innately inside of you. I will support you as you successfully harmonize body, mind, and spirit to create success in every area of your life.

As a Board Certified Integrative Nurse Coach my approach combines in-depth coaching with self-care and years of healthcare experience. Together we’ll discover the health, success, and happiness we all deserve.