Why We Need Integrative Nursing in Contemporary Healthcare?

Healthcare is shifting from a disease-centered model to one of preventative care and wellbeing, one that sees the individual in context of his or her relationships, environment, and sense of self. The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization recognize the multiple determinants of health, including social, psychological, economic, environmental, and physical factors. New models, such as that of the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota, describe wellbeing as a state of balance that goes beyond health and includes a sense of purpose, relationships with others, security, environment, and community. Integrative nurses address the whole-person system.

What’s more, alarming statistics about healthcare provider burnout—including exhaustion, depression, and fatigue—point to a growing need for an emphasis on self-care and recognizing the need for nurses and healthcare providers to attend to their own wellbeing.

Source: https://www.csh.umn.edu/education/focus-areas/integrative-nursing/principles-integrative-nursing

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