Denise Ervin RN, BSN, NC-BC

Being a nurse taught me how to help others care for themselves.

I am trained as both a Registered Nurse and an Integrative Nurse Coach. I hold a BSN (Bachelor of Science – Nursing), received my board certification as an Integrative Nurse Coach in 2014, and have worked as a nurse for 20 years in the areas of Cardiology, Intensive Care, and Oncology

I utilize my experience as a nurse, my advanced training as an integrative nurse coach, and a focus on emotional intelligence to empower others to find personal fulfillment while answering their professional calling.

While my holistic approach to empowering others began through my experience in the medical field, the coaching and training that I provide brings value to any profession.

Getting to Know Denise: How Can I Help You?

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, burnt out or even a little ‘off’, working with a Nurse Coach can help restore your spirit, happiness and overall health and well-being.

My integrative model of training empowers my clients to be more productive and more fulfilled. Whether in one-on-one coaching sessions or in group setting focused on employee wellness, I focus on the eight dimensions of health and wellness:

Life balance/satisfaction



Physical (nutrition, exercise, and weight)

Health responsibility




How We Can Work Together

Whether you are looking to create a positive change in your own life, bring balance and a better working environment for your employees, or looking for a speaker for your conference or team building session I am here to help.

One-on-one coaching sessions by phone, video conference, or in-person. Together we focus on what matters most to you, identifying the obstacles between you and your goals, and developing a path to a healthy and balanced life.
Initial Discovery Session is 60-90 minutes long, follow-up sessions are 60 minutes.

Employee Wellness

Stand-alone classes designed to meet the specific needs of your employees and your organization, or on-going training courses that provide in-depth instruction on building and supporting healthy habits at work and at home.



Intuitive Counseling

A 60-90-minute deep-dive into the spiritual and emotional components of your well-being. I use a variety of methods like Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and Intuitive Counseling to help you use what is already in you to create the healthy life you desire.



Inspirational Speaking

Inspire your group to a life of balance in mind and spirit. From interactive presentations for employee retreats, conferences, or team building workshops, I can work with you to help create an event that is motivating and memorable.



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together on your journey

Learn to unlock what is innately inside of you. I will support you as you successfully harmonize body, mind, and spirit to create success in every area of your life.

Together, we’ll discover the health, success, and happiness you deserve.